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Allison had never been with an older man before, she hadn't even seen a cock before in her entire life. This virginal cutie got her cherry popped in dramatic fashion, she not only fucked the father of who she was babysitting, she had an orgy with his wife as well. So her first time sex was a threesome, that's a pretty good way to get started.

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Reegan had spent many wet and windy nights fingering her sticky pussy and making herself come thinking about the man she babysat, she fantasised him pressing his face deep into her pussy, so when he came home a little tipsy one night she took advantage of the situation to live out some of her hottest fantasies. She rode his cock like a total champ, and when he came round they went at it again because his wife was out.

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Paris finds herself in an awesome position when she went to earn a bit of pocket money on this dark winters night. The owner of the house and one of his friends ordered her on her knees and she ended up taking a stiff one from behind while having her cute little pig tails jerked back along with a huge cock shoved right down the back of her throat. She couldn't walk straight by the end of this fuck session.

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Katie put the little ones to sleep and then set out to fuck their father in the playroom that had been purpose built, but not for fucking! This fine college babysitter got her pussy pounded and just about everything was used in the act, including all the toys and playthings on the floor. You can even heart her moan and cry out in orgasm, next time she fucks this guy she better not wake anyone up with her noises.

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Terry had often wondered what it would be like to lick another girl's wet pussy, so when the couple that she babysat for invited her over for a bit of a grown up playdate, she thought for about 1 second before saying yes. She had never been in a threesome before and absolutely loved sharing a hard long pole with another sexy whore. Her boyfriend must have noticed how horny she was after this encounter.

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Gia was 19 and was anything but a virgin, she had practically slept with every boy in her year at school, but she never had a threesome before, that's why she couldn't refuse when the couple she was babysitting for were a tad drunk and wanted her to join in their fuckfest action. A girl's got to try everything once after all, she will be explaining that one to her current boyfriend for a while.

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